Johanne papirmønster

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A classic and feminine wrap dress with short sleeves. Choose between a wrap closure with buttons or a “faux-wrap” with a zipper in the side. You can also choose if you want a lining or not.

To make the pattern accessible for beginners, each step is explained thoroughly with text and illustrations.

Level: Intermediate

Sizes: 32-52  (size chart)

Materials needed:

  • 2,5-3 m light to medium-weight woven fabric (140 cm width)
  • 1 - 1,5 m lining for bodice only or 2,5-3 m for the whole dress (lining is optional)
  • 4- 6 Buttons or 40 cm zipper
  • 0,5 m fusible lining 
  • Thread

Choice of fabric:

This versatile dress can be made up in various fabrics. From fine silk to viskose, cotton or a heavier quality, like linen. It all depends on which look you are going for. The red dress is a mid-weight cotton-blend, the mint green dress is a light-weight viscose fabric and the teal-coloured dress is a structured linen fabric.


Photo: Anne Valeur

Shoes: Lille vinkel sko




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