Inger Papirmønster

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Inger is a practical and casual dress that is easy to sew. It has deep pockets hidden in the side seams, and a flattering shape that fits various body types. This makes it the perfect everyday dress.

If you want a slim fit, you might benefit from choosing one size smaller than your regular size.

To make the instructions accessible for beginners, each step is explained thoroughly with text and illustrations.


Level: Beginner +

Sizes: 32-52  (size chart) 

Materials needed:

  • 2,6 m firm jersey (135-150 cm wide)
  • Sewing thread
  • Ballpoint needle
  • Twin needle

Recommended fabrics:

Cotton jersey (beginner friendly), Viscose jersey , wool jersey, ribbed jersey, cotton stretch velour.

The yellow dress is made from ribbed cotton jersey. The purple dress is made from a medium weight wool jersey.

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Photo: Anne valeur

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