Marte papirmønster

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A versatile and plain everyday coat with an oversized fit, dropped shoulders and hidden pockets in the side seams. It works well all year long, in light- and heavy-weight fabrics. It is without lining and easy to make.

To make the pattern accessible for beginners, each step is explained thoroughly with text and illustrations.

Level: Intermediate

Sizes: 32-52  (size chart)

Materials needed:

  • 2,5-3,2 m medium-weight fabric (140 cm width)
  • Thread
  • 50 cm fusible lining for collar and facing (not for heavy-weight fabric)
  • 50 cm ribbon or elastic band in optional width

Choice of fabric

A medium-weight to light-weight fabric in cotton, linen or wool is recommended, but it also works well with heavy-weight woven fabrics or knits. Remember to use stretch seams if you are working with jersey. Beginners will benefit from a firm woven fabric, as it is easier to work with. The coat is unlined and easy to sew.

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