Fabrics for Inger

Fabrics for Inger

cotton jersey Inger dress

Picking the right fabric for a project can sometimes be a struggle. I get a lot of questions about suitable fabrics for the Inger dress, as the full skirt can get quite heavy.

The safest choice is a regular cotton jersey with good recovery (the ability to bounce back after being pulled). It usually contains some elastane. Most fabric suppliers have a regular cotton jersey, with or without print.

viskose jersey inger dress

A great, but a little less safe option is viscose jersey. It drapes beautifully, but can pull the dress downwards, as it is a bit heavier than other materials. This can be solved by going down one size in the pattern, to make it tighter, or by attaching a small elastic waistband on the inside of the waistline. Viscose jersey usually has good recovery and a lot of stretch, with or without elastane.

Wool jersey Inger dress

Wool jersey is a great choice for Inger, as long as it has good recovery. It can be difficult to find and it´s usually quite expensive, but it´s a good investment during the colder months.

Inger jersey dress cotton velour / chenille

Stretch (jersey) velour or chenille is a dressed up, yet comfortable alternative. Make sure that it has a good recovery, and remember to cut all the pattern pieces in the same direction, to get the same shine on all parts of the dress.

ribbed cotton jersey inger dress

Ribbed jersey can also work well, as long as it has a good recovery. If the structure of the knit is too loose, chunky or heavy, the dress might easily pull out of shape.

If you want to see more versions of Inger dress, check out #ingerdress on Instagram.

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