How it works

When you buy a digital pattern, you get a zipped file that contains the pattern and instructions for printing and assembling the pattern along with the sewing instructions.

1. Printing:

All patterns are made to fit a regular A4-printer. It is important to follow the printing-instructions following the pattern to get the right scale. Printer settings should always be set to 100%. Print the test square on page 1 and measure it before printing the rest. 

2. Assembling:

The A4-sheets needs to be joined together to make the pattern. Each pattern has a different lay-out, based on the type of garment and number of sheets. Cut away the excess paper along some of the sheets before you tape them together.

3. Find your size:

Take your measurements and find the size that is closest to your measurements. Note that you might be a different size on the top and bottom of your body. Make the adjustments you need. It is often helpful to make a muslin (test) of the garment in a less valuable fabric (i.e. an old bed sheet) to see if it fits before making the actual garment.


  • Beginner: Doesn’t know how to sew
  • Beginner+: Has tried sewing, but doesn’t have any experience yet.
  • Intermediate: Has been sewing for a while, but hasn’t tried everything.
  • Advanced: The experienced sewer.