Pattern hack: Elvane + Sigrid dress

Pattern hack: Elvane + Sigrid dress



The Elvane top and the Sigrid skirt makes a feminine 30´s inspired dress when combined.

measure from shoulder to waist

1. Measure from the front shoulder and down to your waist (A). Measure from the neck down to your waist (B) (back length). Mark the front measurement on the front piece of the pattern and the back measurement on the back piece as illustrated. Draw a straight line across the pattern. This is your waistline. Check that the sides of the two pattern pieces matches in length before you cut along your waistline. Remember to fold the dart before measuring, because it makes the front piece longer than the back piece. Cut along your waistline.

gather the excess fabric along the waistline of the top and attach the top to the skirt

2. Sew the top and skirt, but leave one side open. Do not finish the top edge of the skirt or the bottom edge of the top. Sew gathering stitches along the bottom hem of the top (gathering is explained in the sleeve section of the instructions for Elvane). Gather the waistline of the top enough to fit the waistline of the skirt. Place the top with the right side facing the right side of the skirt. Make sure to match the side seams and center front and back. Pin and sew along the waistline. Remove the gathering stitches after sewing.

3. Place a zipper in the open side of the dress. Show off your dress on Instagram with #elvanesigriddress, #elvanetop and #sigridskirt.



Elvane top and Sigrid skirt combined makes a great dress.

The white version is made from a printed woven viscose fabric. The skirt is the original Sigrid skirt with darts.


The blue dress is made from a woven wool-crepe. The skirt is the A-line version of Sigrid skirt, explained in another blogpost.

Good luck and happy hacking!


Mari Melilot

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