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Your summer bestie. Choose between an open visor with a tie or a hat with full coverage. If you are a beginner, the tie-version is a good place to start.

To make the pattern accessible for beginners, each step is explained thoroughly with text and illustrations.

The pattern and instructions are available in both English and Norwegian. Please make sure that you choose the right language when ordering. The pattern is a digital file that you can print on your own A4-printer.

Number of sheets to print: 3 pages (pattern) or x pages (pattern and instructions)

Level: Beginner

Choice of fabric
A mid-weight fabric in linen or cotton is recommended. This is a great project for scraps from your summer makes. Choose different fabrics on each side, if you want to make a reversible version. The interfacing for the brim should be stiff enough to stand on its own.

Materials:  0,4 m x 1 m fabric, 40 cm x 40 cm stiff interfacing

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