Sewing class

Sewing class

Britt making the Marte coat from a vintage woven wool fabric.

I arranged a sewing class at my private workshop the other day. Four lovely ladies made their own beautiful versions of Melilot garments, fitted to their bodies. We worked for seven hours, including a lunch break outside in the sun. My good friend Britt made everyone a warm meal made from homegrown vegetables and we also had cake. The classes held at my house are more intimate and personal than the other sewing classes, as it is only room for six people at my current workshop. It is a great way of getting to know other sewers and feel like a part of the sewing community. There are more dates available in the shop.

For those who would like to stay for a whole weekend, including a sleep-over, there will be a sewing camp sometime this fall. Please send an e-mail to if you are interested.


Siri making the Inger dress from a beautiful printed cotton jersey

Merete making the Sigrid skirt from an old table cloth

Sewing course

A little while ago I held a sewing course in my workshop at home in Eidsvoll. Four beautiful ladies created their own exquisite versions of the Melilot garments, which were adapted to their bodies. We worked for seven hours, including a delicious lunch out in the sun. My good friend Britt made a lovely hot meal of vegetables from the garden and we enjoyed cake for dessert. The sewing classes held at my home are a bit more intimate and personal than my other courses, because there is only room for six people. Taking part in a course is a great way to meet other people interested in sewing and to feel that you are part of a community. There are several course dates available in the online store.

If you would like to take part in a course with accommodation, there will be dates for this later. Feel free to send an email to to register your interest.


Christina in her beautiful fitted Inger dress.

Britt wearing her stunning Marte coat made from a vintage wool fabric.Merete in her lovely Sigrid skirt made from an old table cloth.

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