About Melilot

Melilot has been making inclusive sewing patterns since 2018. The patterns are classic with a fun twist and suit all levels.

Our goal is for all bodies to get clothes that fit. By sewing the garments yourself, you get the feeling of mastery with the purchase.

Our team

We are a small business with 1.3 permanent employees and some that we hire when needed.


Marie Melilot is the one who makes all the patterns and instructions. Each pattern is constructed and graded by hand, but digitally. Mari started Melilot and has a hand in everything that goes on behind the scenes.  Read more about her here.

Miriam Flur is Mari's right hand. She is a creative potato, who does everything from photography and graphic design to sewing and art direction.

Mari Anne Brækkan is the office manager. She keeps things big and small in order and sends out orders from our workshop in Eidsvoll.

Anja Edwards is our seasonal work machine and spreader of joy. She is periodically responsible for sales and other administrative tasks. She is often a smiling face when we are at festivals and fairs.

Marianne Ø. Lunde is a seasonal super seller with a plan to learn to sew. You meet her at festivals and fairs.