About Mari Melilot

Mari is wearing Johanne's wrap dress in thin wool.

Mari Melilot started Melilot in 2018. She designs and grades all the patterns, illustrates, writes the instructions and sews most of the garments.

Mari is a trained fashion designer at the University of the Arts in Oslo (2010) and she is passionate about all bodies having clothes that fit. She taught sewing since 2008, through sewing courses and the books she has written.

Her first book, Syboka, was published in 2011. Since then, she has published the books Sy til barna (2012), Hjemmesydd (2013), Alle kan sy (2016), Plagg som passer perfekt (2021) and Skapet fullt (2022).

Mari's motivation has always been to make the earth a better place in whatever way she can. That is why she teaches people to sew clothes that suit each individual body and to repair the clothes that already exist.

Through books and sewing patterns, Mari wants you to be able to make clothes that you will love and that can be with you for many years to come.