About us

Melilot is a pattern brand based in Norway. We make sewing your own clothes accessible for all levels, by making thorough instructions for a well-fitting wardrobe. We offer timeless digital patterns with a great fit for various bodies.

Our vision is to change how people relate to their clothes. By sewing your own clothes, you spend time with your garments before they turn into a piece of clothing and you eventually build a relationship with what you wear. It makes you appreciate your clothes and it also makes you more aware as a consumer, knowing how much work is behind a piece of clothing. Ready-to-wear clothes are also made by people, not machines. By choosing high-quality fabrics and spending time adjusting the pattern to fit properly, your clothes may last a lifetime.

All patterns and instructions are designed and developed by Mari Melilot, sewing instructor with more than ten years experience and author of four sewing books ( Syboka, Sy til barna, Hjemmesydd and Alle kan sy).

If you have any feedback, please contact us at mari@melilot.no.