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A versatile and plain everyday coat with an oversized fit, dropped shoulders and hidden pockets in the side seams. It works well all year long, in light- and heavy-weight fabrics. It is without lining and easy to make. The pattern has 12 cm ease added to the hip measurement of all sizes (see finished garment measurements in the photos). All sizes is included in the pattern.

To make the pattern accessible for beginners, each step is explained thoroughly with text and illustrations.

The pattern and instructions are available in both English and Norwegian. Please make sure that you choose the right language when ordering. The pattern is a digital file that you can print on your own A4-printer. The folder also includes an A0-format file that can be printed at a printshop. 

Number of sheets to print (A4): 35 (pattern only) or 53 (pattern + instructions)

Level: Intermediate

Sizes: 32-64  (size chart)

Materials needed:

  • 2,5-3,2 m* medium-weight fabric (140 cm width)
  • Thread
  • 50 cm fusible lining for collar and facing (not for heavy-weight fabric)
  • 50 cm ribbon or elastic band in optional width

*sizes 32-36: 2,2 m, 38-46: 2,3 m, 48-52: 2,5 m, 54-64: 3 m

Choice of fabric

A medium-weight to light-weight fabric in cotton, linen or wool is recommended, but it also works well with heavy-weight woven fabrics or knits. Remember to use stretch seams if you are working with jersey. Beginners will benefit from a firm woven fabric, as it is easier to work with. The coat is unlined and easy to sew.

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